Zero Trust Architecture

Abstract Zero trust (ZT) is the term for an evolving set of cybersecurity paradigms that move defenses from static, network-based perimeters to focus on users, assets, and resources. A zero trust architecture (ZTA) uses zero trust principles to plan industrial and enterprise infrastructure and workflows. Zero trust assumes there is no implicit trust granted to […]

OCR warns hospitals of HIPAA compliance scams

A nonexistent “Secretary of Compliance, HIPAA Compliance Division” is mailing postcards that ask privacy and security leaders to visit a fraudulent URL for the purpose of setting up a risk assessment. By Mike Miliard The Office for Civil Rights at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has warned health systems about what appears […]

Notification of Enforcement Discretion for telehealth remote communications during the COVID-19 nationwide public health emergency

“We are empowering medical providers to serve patients wherever they are during this national public health emergency. We are especially concerned about reaching those most at risk, including older persons and persons with disabilities. – Roger Severino, OCR Director.” The Office for Civil Rights (OCR) at the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is […]

Meet Benjamin Anderson, Founder & CEO at Wand Benjamin Anderson, Founder & CEO at Wand. Serial entrepreneur and strategist with an extensive background in business development services and marketing. Started his first business at 17 and currently applying this skillset as the found and CEO of Wand USA Inc. Wand is an application that utilizes the Uber model to link consumers and […]