Our Partners

Our strategic partnerships are built on years of mutual trust and respect, which we firmly believe pays dividends to our customers.

Cyber-security Training, Assessment, Testing, and Audit Services

We are a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) providing cybersecurity certification hands-on technical training and cybersecurity services, including penetration testing, risk assessments, incident response, audits, and digital forensics.​

Connect people and things simply and securely​

AppsCo enables users to securely manage access to their company’s applications while presenting easier visibility on company audits and reports.

Cloud-Based EHR for the Long Term Care Industry​

In order for long term care facilities to survive in today’s dynamic environment, optimizing their in-home resources and reimbursements are a must. The BlueStrata system prepares owners for these challenges by providing integrated real-time data entry, wich affords more time for resident care and financial analysis.​

Dynamic Dental Safety (DDS)

AppsCo enables users to securely manage access to their company’s applications while presenting easier visibility on company audits and reports.

Global Systems Research​

Is a leading Healthcare Informatics Company utilizing state-of-the-art technology to provide an end-to-end solution for Medical Transcriptions. We offer multi-specialty transcriptions nationwide.​

HealthCore Value Advisors​

Provides advisory services to healthcare providers on legal and regulatory compliance, risk management, practice transformation and performance improvement.​

Accelerating revenue for physicians, clinics, and hospitals​

Enterprise Solutions for any sized Business ​

Physicians, clinics, and hospitals miss out on millions of dollars each year in lost and potential revenue. Kayser Health instantly accelerates practice revenue for physicians, clinics, and hospitals by providing vetted and compliant programs that include:

  • Retro-Medicaid
  • Chronic Care
  • Management
  • Allergy Immunotherapy
  • Medical Billing

The Keane Difference​

With hospital and physician clients all over the country, The Keane Insurance Group is one of the largest medical professional liability insurance brokers in the Nation.

Innovating for Healthcare & Senior Living​

Keystone Technologies is changing the landscape of healthcare and senior living through technology and related services that address the most pressing issues in the industry.​


Mobilize.Net moves critical legacy code to .NET, Java, the web, mobile devices & the cloud.

MyPHTS Care Management​

Healthcare is changing whether providers like it or not. Are you ready for the changes? With MyPHTS, you´ll be ready for the changes.​

Enterprise Solutions for any sized Business ​

Hostirian SENTRY+ provides smart cybersecurity for endpoints by monitoring and managing the device for the latest security updates and patches from the product manufacturer. Hostirian SENTRY+ watches endpoints for vital security and anti-virus functionality and backs it with a 24×7 Network Operations Center (NOC) to respond immediately to updates and threats. Our NOC technicians use SENTRY+ to monitor critical levels of RAM, processor and hard drive utilization for proactive device health. With this remote and response assistance, Hostirian will also apply security patches, system updates and ensure your anti-virus program is running correctly and is up-to-date. If a problem is found, it can be resolved remotely and swiftly. Hostirian SENTRY+ works on any device, on any network, across any perimeter without impacting productivity!​.​

ProHub is a perfect
fit for:

Everyday employers looking for a qualified workforce & service providers. ProHub allows employers to search and ask about your credentials and background.

Pinnacle Practice Achievement​

Pinnacle Practice Achievement will help your staff work as a team to promote greater patient satisfaction, compliance, treatment outcomes, and above all, your bottom line.

MyPHTS Care Management​

Transech is a leading IT company that provides technology solutions focused on delivering a competitive advantage to our customers.