The advantages of working with the SafeT API

Technology, Processes, Know-How, and Installed Base

Technology, Process, and Know-How, and an Installed Base

SafeT API and platform: HIPAA compliant servers, RESTFUL API, secure storage, cybersecurity.

The data is mirrored in AWS and Salesforce, with dev, staging, and production DEVOPS infrastructure in place.

  • Your application automatically has an API.

  • The data is mirrored in Salesforce, which gives you the ability to use Salesforce reporting, and thousands of add-on applications to review the data, create other custom apps, etc.  Customers can do the same.

  • Your app can repackage the API as its own and provide it to customers or partners.  This can be very powerful, allowing for quick integration into other apps and websites.

Your entire organization needs to be compliant not just your service

  • HIPAAComplete SaaS solution.
  • Policies and procedures for the company
  • Risk analysis, and process to make sure the organization is HIPAA compliant not just the servers. This includes tracking business associate agreements, for example.
  • Includes fractional HIPAA security and privacy officer services. Every HIPAA compliant organization requires a HIPAA security and privacy officer.

App Store

  • The app you develop is in the our “store” for other users to find, read about, and purchase. You can choose to have the app not show up in specific other applications.
  • Your app/company receives referral fees for other apps that your users purchase from the store.  It‘s additional, easy revenue. For example, AppsCO is a great HIPAA compliant password manager that is very affordable. If a client uses it, you get a commission.

A Federal subsidiary that helps you sell to the American Indian Tribes and government contracts

Our organization’s platform is used by our federal subsidiary AIMHI, which has special access to tribal and government contracts.

We also have a HRSA (HHS) grant, providing technology to study the opioid crisis related to African Americans and American Indians.  This gives our platform additional credibility.

Powerful "Explainable AI" is integrated which can further power up your application

Our partner/sister company Mobilize.NET manages Cerner, McKesson, Allscripts, Mercer, and other medical accounts. These companies rely on Mobilize.NET to keep their software on the latest platform and using HIPAA-compliant technologies. Mobilize is partly owned by Microsoft.  Mobilize uses SafeT Inc’s HIPAAComplete product for compliance.

Supports startups and established organizations dedicated to deploying secure applications in industries that have a high sensitivity to privacy.